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 nike air max 1 white and blue 
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Сообщение nike air max 1 white and blue
nike air max 1 sketch to shelf The Nike Air Max 1 is famously known for being the first of Air Max design by the famous Tinker Hatfield. The Nike Air Max 1 is also recognized for being the first sneaker to incorporate a visible Max Air unit that would provide outstanding stability and comfort.

nike air max 1 womens sale The Nike Air Max 1 was the very first sneaker to feature a visible Air cushioning unit in the heel. While today we see “Air” on a majority of Nike’s sneaker designs, the concept was not well-received back in ‘87. In fact, people thought the Air bubble would pop with normal wear. The concern was so great that, at the time, Nike’s marketing department didn’t even think that they could sell the shoe. But thankfully, the concept moved forward, and as you know, the Air Max has become one of the most important sneakers in the history of footwear.

nike air max 1 mens black Displayed over Nike’s staple Air Max models, each shoe features a unique shoebox graphic throughout the upper. Seen here on the Air Max 1, the design also features a colorway and build that nods to an Air Max 1 icon of the past; the 1998 Air Max 1 SC in leather.

nike air max 1 white and blue Man likes to keep it simple, pairing the JD-exclusive Air Max 1 Essential with classic denim jeans and fresh white socks. With a unique design and colour combo, you can’t go wrong with this exclusive edition. Wear them with laidback joggers for an ultra-comfy street look.


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