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 . How long does it take for the chi 
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Сообщение . How long does it take for the chi
I have always wanted to write this article, but I was interrupted by tears every time. I just wanted to remind the driver to follow the traffic rules and be merciful at his feet. Do n��t take other people ��s lives seriously because you have insurance, because one day I will walk with your family, and I will encounter a car that is 11 years older than you. It should be an innocent and happy time, especially for girls Newport 100S. It should be beautiful and sweet, but these good things are caused by a driver speeding up It was ruined. As a result of a review of the magnetic resonance just now, there was still a small amount of effusion and injuries in the knee, and she could not go to school normally. The biggest injury was psychological. She no longer believed in traffic rules. When you see the car approaching, you are afraid. You must be accompanied by two or more people when you cross the road. There was even resistance to the crowd. She likes to practice walking on the roadside of the cropland. She said it is safe there, no car hit her, and no one squeezed into her; she likes to feed the park animals, and whenever she sees her shadow Marlboro Red, she will greet her all the way. Whenever she sees other children playing on the slide, she always doesn't cry or make trouble. She always puts the plush toy dog ??that accompanies her on the slide and slides down. She also has to endure the strange eyes of others. Some children also say that her sister plays. Lai does not slip on my own, at this time I can only stare at the sky to prevent my tears from falling. The hardest part is at night Newport Cigarettes. She cried and woke up from her dream. She said she was killed by a car. She didn't live enough. She said why her mother didn't protect her. She never got out of the house again. I was able to accompany her in dreams and asked many people who knew that the anterior cruciate ligament injury involved meniscus. They all said that she was recovering from the disease. Even if she was well, she could not participate in sports activities for a year or two. If she recovered well, it would be difficult to guarantee that she would not get rheumatism Now, the child is still wearing sweaters and trousers, which means that she has lost her childhood. He said that she missed her classmates. She didn't want to be relegated, so she taught herself with emotional stability and physical strength. She wouldn't find the answer on the Internet. She was still learning English with her mobile phone on the way to treatment. She said she won less awards this year, and I told her that she was in good health, and there are still many opportunities in the future. The treatment and rehabilitation are still in progress. How long does it take for the child to study and live normally? The driver of the accident has never asked my daughter's recovery. His child and my daughter are still classmates. I went to see them once. Their The answer is that it has nothing to do with them. Find an insurance company, and the insurance company's compensation is still in the foreseeable future. It says that it is only for the medical expenses of the hospital stay, and the escort fee is only two months. , Some people with conscience, pay attention to their own safety when driving, also pay attention to the safety of others, I hope that an accident like my daughter should not happen again
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